Rostov-on-Don is the tenth most populous city in Russia and the administrative center of the Southern Federal District, located on the banks of the Don. Living in the hectic pace of modernity, but not losing its originality, with a violent southern temperament, but Caucasian hospitable Rostov can be called one of the most diverse regional cities. A variegated mixture of nationalities, customs and traditions, enhanced by the remoteness from the center of Russia, gives this land a special flavor. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is Rostov that will forever remain in the memory of everyone who at least once walked through its streets, knocked on the noisy city bazaars and talked with local residents.

Our site presents the most interesting sights of Rostov-on-Don, among which Historical buildings, Zoos, Cathedrals and Streets prevail. The most popular sights of Rostov-on-Don are the Rostov Zoo, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in Rostov-on-Don, Toilet on Gazetnoye and Surb Khach Church.

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If you are staying at Don-Plaza, then you are in the very heart of Rostov-on-Don. Any routes are available to you from here - you just have to choose the most interesting one.

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The excursion will acquaint you with the capital of the Don region, culture, history and architectural monuments of the city. During your trip to Rostov-on-Don, you will see the fashionable main street Bolshaya Sadovaya with old merchant mansions, cross the border between Europe and Asia, learn why the left bank of the Don is called "Rostov Las Vegas", admire interesting monuments and original sculptural compositions, as well as by the "Father Quiet Don" himself, one of the most famous rivers in Russia.

City by the sea - Taganrog

The route of the excursion passes through the old part of the city, which is a literary and historical-architectural museum-reserve of A.P. Chekhov. In the central part of the city, the building blocks of the 18th century, houses associated with the name of the great writer, have been completely preserved. Taganrog is located on the shore of the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea and during the excursion you will have the opportunity to walk along the embankment, climb the legendary stone stairs, see the sights of the city - a sundial, a monument to the founder of the city, Peter I.

The capital of the Cossacks - Novocherkassk

During a city tour, tourists will get acquainted with the history of the Don Cossacks and the fifth capital of the Cossacks - Novocherkassk, see the main temple of the Don Cossacks - the Voznesensky Military Patriarchal Cathedral, the second in Russia having a status after the Moscow Assumption Cathedral. In the Ataman Palace - the former residence of the military atamans and the residence of the highest persons in Novocherkassk - there is a branch of the world's only museum of the history of the Don Cossacks.

Azov - gray-haired and young

Azov is one of the oldest cities in the Don - more than 900 years old. In Azov, ramparts have been preserved, poured by order of Peter I at the beginning of the 18th century. From there, a marvelous panorama of the Don region and the territory of the former fortress opens with monuments dedicated to the exploits of the Cossacks during the famous "Azov siege seats in 1642". A powder magazine has been preserved there, a monument of military engineering art of the 18th century, in which a museum exposition is deployed.

Pearl of the Don - Starocherkasskaya

During a walking tour of the village, tourists will see the main square - the Maidan, where the Cossack trophies of the Azov campaigns of the 17th century are located, the Cossack houses-kurens, the main temple - the Ascension Cathedral, the ataman courtyard, will get acquainted with the life, customs and rituals of the Cossacks. It was in Starocherkasskaya stanitsa that the uprisings of the atamans Razin and Bulavin, which shook the whole country, began, and much here still reminds of them.

The Mystery of the Ancient City - Tanais

During the journey, time turns back and transfers it to the ancient times of the 1st-7th centuries. BC, when these expanses were occupied by the Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians. During a walking tour of the territory of the museum-reserve, tourists will see the Meotian hut, a model of the Tanais fortress and an excavation site, which includes the new and old Tanais, a fortress moat. The excavation consists of the remains of fortress walls and towers, courtyards and dwellings of the townspeople. The finds found during the excavations are exhibited in the museum. These are household items, decorations and weapons of the ancient Greeks and Tanaites.

At the crossroads of destinies and roads - Aksai

The first evidence of the existence of the settlement dates back to 1570.The town was located in the borderlands andAt the same time it was raided, but the convenient location at the crossroads leading to Cherkassk attracted people here again. The main road to the Caucasus passed through Aksai, and there was also the main crossing over the Don. On the outskirts of the city there was a fortress with a customs outpost. Numerous labyrinths of underground passages, rooms with vaulted ceilings, an exhibition of ancient weapons delight the Guests.

The cost of excursions for Russian-speaking tourists until 31.12.2019

Duration of the excursion

The cost of the guide

The cost of the work of the guide and transport for the group

1-2 people

3-5 people

6-17 people

18-35 people

35-60 people

3 hours (Rostov-on-Don)







5 hours (Azov, Aksai, Tanais, the village of Starocherkasskaya, Novocherkassk)



13 800




7 hours (Taganrog)







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Duration of the excursion

The cost of the guide

The cost of the work of the guide and transport for the group

1-2 people

3-5 people

6-17 people

18-35 people

35-60 people

3 hours (Rostov-on-Don)







5 hours (Azov, Aksai, Tanais, the village of Starocherkasskaya, Novocherkassk)







7 hours (Taganrog)







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